9th Annual ACIS Swing to Cure Sam Golf Tournament

2019 Sponsor Sign Up

Sam’s Search is looking forward to a great year thanks to sponsors and players like you. Sponsorship helps with covering the cost of the Tournament and mitigate what we spend on our attendees.

We are thrilled that the 9th annual tournament and banquet will be held at the incredible Heritage Ranch Golf Club in Fairview, TX!Early Registration will open February 1st – Rates increase on February 18th.  We are expecting a quick sell out this year so please be ready to secure your spot on February 1st.

Date:                             Friday – April 5, 2019
Time:                             1:00 PM Shotgun Start
Check-In:                     11:00 AM
Location:                     Heritage Ranch Golf Club – Fairview, TX

We are honored to be partnered with ACIS as we look to support even more families affected by juvenile diabetes. To understand the blessings behind this tournament, you must be a part of it. Every year, our players and sponsors become even more closely aligned with our movement…it is truly a humbling experience and words cannot express how thankful we are for your participation, time and generosity.

Thank you in advance for what will be another outstanding event this year! Golf Tournament Registration link will be sent on February 1st.

Sam's Search

Our History

The first annual golf tournament was held at Twin Creeks Golf Club in Allen during the Fall of 2010.  By all measures the event was a great success and the support and passion for what was to come was evident.  The event has continued to grow and even sold out in a surprising 14 days one year.  Through this success, the question became “How can we have a more direct impact and help those in our surrounding communities in a more impactful way?”.

In 2016, Sam’s Search found a local teenager that had started the journey of owning a diabetic alert dog.  These specially trained service dogs are capable of sensing low and high blood sugars and taking corrective measures such as alerting another family member, retrieving a juice box or another form of sugar used to combat dangerously low blood sugars.  These incredible dogs are just that, INCREDIBLE.

Sam’s Search recognized the impact that Dexter was having and will continue to have on this diabetic family, so it found the perfect purpose for 2016.  Sam’s Search did a little research and found out there were some outstanding costs involved with owning Dexter and so after inviting Dexter and his new family to the tournament banquet “just to see what we had going on”, Sam’s Search provided Jasmine a check that paid the balance for her new hero, Dexter.  It was a milestone moment for Sam’s Search and had the crowd in tears.  Especially Jeremy Roberts, but no surprise there. As with other moments that either raised a question or solidified a previous decision.  In the case of Dexter, Sam’s Search knew this was its new path, its new focus.  Impacting Lives while searching for a cure.