Thank you all for making it a record-breaking year for the Annual Swing to Cure Sam!!!

We are excited to announce that we raised over $23,000.  That is a lot of money that is going to help a lot of type 1 diabetic families in our communities.
If you didn’t stay for the banquet we had some big surprises.  Brooklyn Berry, a very strong but humble 11 year old who was diagnoses with type 1 just over a year ago and been working hard at raising money for a diabetic alert dog (DAD).  Brooklyn and her grandmother, Carrie, have been making hand-made soap, jewelry and other cool stuff and taking donations for their products.  They have already raised $6,000 towards her specially trained dog.  Sam’s Search is going to pay the remainder so that her dog can get started in a training program.  Sam’s Search, with your help, is donating the remaining $10,000 to pay for her dog to be trained by All Purpose Canines.


Group Check



Following her recent 1-year anniversary of being diagnosed, Brooklyn recently got approved for a CGM (Continual Glucose Monitor).  As someone who relies heavily on this expensive tool, I can attest to the impact this device has on a diabetic family.  I would say that it is our single most important tool for managing Sam’s diabetes.  Brooklyn made an incredible gift basket full of hand-made soap, lip balm, gift certificates that were donated by family and friends.  Our goal, my promise to her family, was to raise $1,000 to cover the remaining deductible so that Brooklyn could get her CGM without delay.  I was blown away by the support of our attendees that donated $2,500 for Brooklyn to get her CGM.

The basket went up for auction and with an opening bid of $200, a quick bid from the back hammered “$1,000”.  That went quickly to $1,500.  While we had beat our goal for the basket, that wasn’t the end.  Another participant, one of our incredible volunteers, offered to split the basket for $2,000 which was quickly accepted.  The item closed out at $2,000 but was then increased by another $500 by one of our generous players.  I think Brooklyn, her family, the crowd and myself were blown away by the love and generosity in the room at that moment.  I know that moment will be a highlight memory for years to come.  I guess I undershot a bit when I told Brooklyn if she could put together a cool basket, I would get her $1,000 for it!

Group Basket


While these were the highlights and the reason, we were all there, I strongly believe that it was an all-around great day.  A lot of smiles and fun, great weather and a great staff at Heritage Ranch.  I really think everything went better than planned and it was a huge success.

The success is because each and everyone that attended, volunteered, sponsored or had any part played a special role in making it a great year.

Special thanks to ACIS, Sam’s Club, Elite Games, and Frontier Communications.

A final round of applause to our volunteers who give their time freely to ensure a smooth day for all.  Congratulations to Ellen Reed who was named Volunteer of the Year.  Happy Birthday Ellen!

The highly coveted 25 Trophy
I could write several pages of what Dale Hawkins means to Sam’s Search.  Year after year, dollar after dollar, Dale (and Michael) has always been there to help with whatever, whenever.  The passion for Sam’s Search earned him the past due honor of the 25 Trophy in memory of Tim Chapman.

Group Trophy
Thanks to all of our sponsors who contributed greatly to our success: Hawkins Construction, USI Southwest, Nowak & Stauch, Trane, Epic Supply, Friedman & Feiger, Texas Air Systems, Ferguson, Tex-Air Filters, National Wholesale SupplyCrocker Crane, Keller Williams – Laurie Frame, Hitt Home Inspections.

And finally to our players – We hope you had a great day and want to highlight those over and under achievers out there.

Flight A
Champion – Derick Barch, Phillip Barch, Chandler Barch & Nate Wilson
2nd Place – Chris Lawson, Joel Kucel, Chris Dyer & Miss Larry Davisson

Flight B
1st Place – John Comer, Jotyar Tovi, Brandon Trantham, Jeff Wiles
2nd Place – Dan Hitt, Eddie Kelly, Sonny Edwards & Ken Cambron

Dead Last (And didn’t even score it right!) – Michael Hoyt, Rob Buckwaid, Corey Reynolds & Robert McCoy

Long Drive
Men’s – Stephen Stahn
Ladies – Betsy Simmons

Closest to the Pin
#4 -Daniel Wine
#6 – Chris Dyer
#12 – Omar Brewer
#16 – David Craig

You won’t want to miss next year’s event!

Tentative Date for 10th Annual Swing to Cure Sam Golf Tournament
Friday, April 3, 2020
Heritage Ranch Golf Club – Fairview, TX.