The key role our partner sponsors play in what we do cannot be communicated clearly enough.  Simply stated…without them, Sam’s Search and our events would not exist. They are the lifeblood of what we do.  They enable us to raise the money we raise to find the cure for type 1 diabetes that we’re searching for!

Please support them with your business, your referrals and your thanks.


Our CURE Partner Sponsors have made Sam’s Search a main focus of their fundraising campaigns…a fact that makes us feel extremely grateful and humbled.  These sponsors have proven their steadfast commitment through donations of both time and money.  Their absence would seriously deter our efforts. 

The Eli Daniel Staffing Group

Eli Daniel Staffing Group

Our CURE partner sponsor and good friends at the Eli Daniel Staffing Groupmust be credited with helping make Sam’s Search – and our events – a reality.  Chris Lawson, Eli Daniel’s President, shares…

“I have seen up close how Juvenile Diabetes impacts a child’s life. Once you meet 9-year-old Sam Davis, it is easy to recognize that he is a very special and brave young boy. Sam courageously battles his diabetes daily, and one day soon, through the JDRF organization’s efforts to find a cure; he will not have to worry about monitoring his blood sugar level 24 hours a day. Eli Daniel Staffing is profoundly proud to support JDRF, Sam Davis in particular, until a cure is found.”

The Eli Daniel Group, founded in 2007, is not your average staffing company. Based in Allen, Texas, they’re a full-service firm with a passion and commitment to our community extending from Collin County throughout all of Dallas / Fort Worth.  Their strong desire to serve, combined with their dedication to develop long-term partnerships, has allowed them to sustain genuine loyalty over the years. When you experience their consultative approach, they will analyze your staffing needs or your desired career path with a supportive and encouraging style that builds confidence and trust. The majority of their clients, candidates, and talented internal staff have been a loyal part of their organization, dating back well over 10 years, prior to the start of the Eli Daniel Group. Their areas of placement cross many industries and career levels as they tailor their service for every client on a temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct placement basis.


Sam’s Club
Sam's Club

Sam’s Club joined with us in 2010 with some initial contributions.  Since then, their level of support has grown exponentially.  We continue to be overwhelmed by their generosity and support as one of our most important sponsors.

We are not sure if it would be appropriate to name each individual at Sam’s Club that made this partnership a reality, so we will just say a heartfelt “THANK YOU!”   And if you shop at that other store, please stop and give Sam’s Club a try.  We are not only recipients of their generosity, but also loyal and satisfied customers.  Visit a Sam’s Club near you to experience the difference!


The Texas Revolution

Texas Revolution joined with us in 2014 and from the moment the relationship was formed Sam’s Search realized they were truly blessed by the support of an incredible organization.  A new Indoor Football League team based in Allen Texas which added a new level of excitement to the Allen Event Center.  The Allen Event Center already hosted professional soccer and hockey teams now completed with its own professional indoor football team.

The Texas revolution is partnered with the Sam’s Search golf tournament but are also playing a large part in a joint effort School Kid’s Walk.  This event will be developed through a new partnersip with The Texas Revolution, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Sam’s Search.  The inaugural event will take place at Melissa Ridge Intermediate school in May 2015.



[Without these folks, our car wouldn't even make it across the STARTING line!]

These partners have made contributions that are priceless and will have a lasting impact on Sam’s Search 4 a Cure.  Their actions, work, ideas, passion, sweat and support have shaped Sam’s Search in immeasurable and unique ways.

Burton “Bubba” Gilliam…The man: The legend!  What event is complete without this superstar?  Fortunately, we wouldn’t know.  Bubba has completely blessed us with his talents as he has come through for us time and time again.  When he’s is around, our hearts overflow…this is one fella that consistently goes above and beyond.

Jeff Crilley, Real News PR has taken us to an entirely new level we never even dared imagine!  If your company or organization needs public relations, we KNOW there is NO ONE more qualified.  Jeff Crilley spent 25 years in TV news reporting in Dallas, Minneapolis, Omaha and Lansing.  He’s made hundreds of national news appearances, including: CNN, CNN Headline News, FOX News, The Discovery Channel, Good Morning America and The CBS Early Show.

Chris Ghanbari, Videographer Extraordinaire, DFW Reporting joined us in 2012 and in a short time provided an invaluable service.  He has helped our campaign skyrocket with the awesome videos he has created and given us.

Ink, Incwas tasked with taking our vision and turning it into a recognizable logo.  And Mike and Maura Carter with Ink, Inc. delivered precisely that, but beyond our imagination.  (And we dream big!)  The Sam’s Search logo is a result of their creativity and hard work.

The Nerd Ranch…Most web designers are faced with challenging requests and absurd deadlines.  Well, we didn’t want Stacey at The Nerd Ranch to get too comfortable, so we did what most folks wanting a unique website do.  We asked a pro to come up with something fresh, original and memorable.  Oh, and we needed it done “yesterday,” of course!  In a very short time, Stacey delivered a site that we know will serve Sam’s Search for a long time.  She certainly delivered beyond our expectations.

Primo Writing…Anyone who knows Chris knows he isn’t extremely crafty with words, grammar or spelling.  That is where Jenny Claggett with Primo Writing comes in.  She’s the reason we sound like we know what we’re talking about.  And, as with everything else, she always rescues us on very short notice.

Oma (Sam’s Grandmother), Krystal (Sam’s Mom) and Amy (Sam’s Aunt) are the visionaries for our trophy designs.  Our original and 3rd and 4th year trophies are the result of countless hours of work from these incredibly creative women.  They put their hearts and souls into these trophies…and it shows.

Loco Hill MetalWorks has provided us with some of the most unique and talked-about trophies you will ever find.  Hand-crafted and formed to our suggested ideas, Loco Hill is also responsible for our The 25 Cup that was presented for the first time on April 13, 2012.  This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind traveling trophy earned by the Collin County Challenge team that presents the lowest gross score at our golf tournament.  The purpose of this cup will change in 2014 to memorialize Timmy Chapman.


Enterprise Holdings Foundation is the largest car rental service in the world when measured by revenue.  We were not expecting a contribution from Enterprise this year, however it comes as no surprise that an organization as strong as Enterprise would step up and really make a difference.  It’s only fitting to be joined by an organization that has very similar beliefs.  Enterprise has a rich and distinctive heritage. It’s a truly remarkable story of how entrepreneur-ship, hard work and a big dream can turn a tiny start-up into a world-class company.

Renfrow Realty Group, Keller Williams…our friend, our REALTOR.  Mrs. Renfrow has been a committed sponsor and supporter from the beginning.  This woman has a heart as big as Texas.  Plus, she has what it takes to get things DONE!  Karla Renfrow is a Keller Williams REALTOR serving the Greater DFW area.

Hawkins Construction is a local construction company that specializes in demolition.  Dale Hawkins has been involved since before we started, and his generosity has been proven year after year.

Nowak & Stauch, LLPNowak & Stauch, LLP is a proud sponsor of Sam’s Search.  Nowak & Stauch is a law firm focused on commercial, construction and real estate litigation, as well as work injury defense and legal malpractice cases.  For more information, please visit

Ryan Lurich, Esq. – Friedman & Feiger, LLP

CLA USA / Larry “Nancy” Davisson (The original Nancy!)…Miss Davisson, like many of our other sponsors, has been with us since the beginning.  If you ask Larry, he is our biggest sponsor!  All kidding aside, Larry is a passionate person and a colorful character we know is always there to support us…and that means the world to us.  CLA USA, Inc., is a financial services company headquartered in Frisco, TX.

The Other Side Landscaping joined us in 2012 as a Gold sponsor, and they look to be a major player in years to come.  This unique commercial and residential landscaping company provides unparalleled service throughout Collin County.

SMO Edge is a highly skilled and creative social media company.  We are excited to entrust SMO Edge to promote Sam’s Search in all aspects of social and online media.


CW 33, DFW Closeup with Ashley Roberts honored us with our first-ever television interview in 2012!  Her reporting and gifts helped launched Sam’s Search into the bright lights!  Her talents are evident in that she managed a live, unedited interview with the Chris’, and she did a tremendous job.  We must admit that is no easy task when the Chris’ are in the same room – or even the same building, for that matter.

Leaderboard of Dallas…Participants of our events are rarely disappointed with the swag and goodies they receive.  Jeff Hedrick with Leaderboard is our go-to guy when it comes to that stuff.  He has worked with us since day one and always provides us with exceptional gifts, swag and advice.

Interested in joining with us in searching for a cure?  Wondering what’s in it for you?  Contact us today! 


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