There are numerous opportunities and ways to get involved in Sam’s Search!  Whatever your budget, schedule, strengths or mission, we’re always looking to add to our amazing team of volunteers and sponsors.  Please contact us today if you feel led to volunteer or serve in some way.  Thank you!

Here are a few of our current opportunities:

Volunteers - We have learned through experience that an event’s success is closely related to the dedication and selection of volunteers.  We pride ourselves on having the BEST volunteers with the BIGGEST servants’ hearts. 

Through just a single interaction with any of our volunteers, you will realize that they join us because their “heart is in it 100%.”  Our largest volunteer need pertains to our golf tournament.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to work closely with our guests at the tournament through greeting and registration, food/beverage distribution, contest management and promotion, hospitality and much more.  All we ask from our volunteers is to love what they are doing – and HAVE FUN!


Sponsors - While our volunteers are closely related to the success of our events, our sponsors are absolutely essential. Without them, our events simply are not possible. 

But!  We do NOT take just ANY and EVERY sponsor.  We need to believe in our sponsors as much as we need them to believe in us.  It is on that platform that we know we can build a lasting partnership that will benefit ALL parties.  For example, we do not want to just “sell a hole sponsor sign” for our golf tourney.  We want to market and expose our sponsors by any and all means possible, including but not limited to:  print, Internet, personal introductions and more. 

Please contact us if you or your company is interested in learning more about how we can give you the best ROI for your sponsorship dollars.

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