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“The 25 Trophy”

Sam’s Search has been blessed to have many people committed to our cause. We are truly amazed at the hearts of our sponsors, volunteers and participants. The foundation of our organization is built on those hearts. 

Every year there are individuals that stand out in their generosity and passion towards finding a cure for Sam. They are passionate about our cause and have a genuine love for the Sam’s Search family. Timmy Chapman has stood out every year since our beginning. 

Timmy Chapman has been a sponsor, participant and supporter of Sam’s Search since its beginning. Timmy was the owner of Paris Honda, Yamaha, and Harley-Davidson dealership. He was always the first to help and never made his generosity know to others. His heart for helping others was unmatched, and his passion for Sam’s Search was immeasurable. The most endearing quality of Timmy was his humble character. We are certain that without people like Timmy, Sam’s Search would not be as special as we believe it to be. 

Timmy was an avid golfer and was always sure to bring a talented team to the tournament. We were honored to present Timmy’s team with a trophy every year but one including the first place trophy in 2012.

Timmy passed away in 2013 just as planning for the 2014 tournament began. The loss made planning the tournament difficult but also gave us motivation to make this year the best ever for Sam’s Search. With Timmy’s passing we have become more dedicated to making Sam’s Search extraordinary as only Timmy would have it. In order to keep Timmy a part of Sam’s Search forever, we reached out to a good friend to design and build us a one-of-kind trophy. This trophy would be a symbol of Timmy’s presence as we move forward. 

Thad Sherley accepted the challenge and delivered beyond our imagination.

The number 25 – Anyone who knew Timmy knew he was very passionate about a lot of things. One of those was the number 25. Timmy wore #25 in every sport he was involved with since his youth. Those closest to him knew the importance of 25 to him. That number was so important to him that we felt it only appropriate to be a part of his trophy.

We have dedicated the trophy to Timmy Chapman and will select one individual whose heart and actions most closely resembles Timmy’s. Timmy loved his daughters more than anything and they loved their dad. We are honored for Megan and Macey to be a part of this process and select an individual after their final approval.

This trophy was hand crafted exclusively for Sam’s Search by an incredible blacksmith, Thad Sherley of LocoHill Metalworks.  

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