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Sam's Search for the Cure 8th

Future Scholarships & Grants

The flagship event for Sam’s Search is its annual golf tournament but we are always looking for new ideas.  In the Fall of 2018, Sam’s Search partnered with Sam’s Search Sweepstakes and the partnership has taken off and exceeded our expectations from its beginning.  In 2019, Sam’s Search will be rolling out a new program that will give diabetic families opportunities for grants and scholarships to help with the ongoing cost of managing diabetes.  Sam’s Search will focus on advancements such as CGMs (continual glucose monitor), insulin pumps and other new tools.  The technological advancements not only improve the lives of diabetics but also give the diabetic more opportunities to live a normal life.  We, at Sam’s Search, want to reduce, if not completely remove, the financial obstacle to owning and using these life changing devices and advancements.

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